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  • The 411 on Metal Roofs

    Companies are constantly changing their products to become more “green”. The roofing industry is no exception. There are several popular green products that are not only environmentally efficient, but financially efficient as well. A couple of examples are metal roofs and clay tile roofs. [...]

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    Winter Indianapolis Roofing Contractor

    Just like the most economical time to buy a snow blower is at the end of the winter season, hiring an Indianapolis roofing contractor in the middle-to-late winter months can be a bargain hunter’s paradise. Not only can the consumer get a lower quote because materials are lower and labor workers [...]

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    Getting An Accurate Roofing Quote From Roofing Contractors

    One of the most important home improvement investments you can make is having new roofing installed. The roof protects your home and everything in it from the elements while shielding you from the worst of the cold and heat year-round. A top quality job can last for decades while a poorly installed [...]

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    How To Avoid Hiring A Lousy Roofer

    A good roofer will fix the leaks and make sure the shingles are in good shape so that you don't have to worry about what's going on up there. A lousy roofer will climb up there, smoke cigarettes all day and take your money without doing any work whatsoever. Here are the things you need to do in [...]

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    A Roofer Can Protect Your Home

    If you have a leaking roof or simply would like to fortify your roof, contact an GSI expert to complete the job. Delaying repairs can cause costly damage to your home. Even if you see that you have a small leak, you should contact a GSI roofer right away to have the damaged area repaired. Hire a [...]

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    Roof Replacement Warning Signs

    Whether you've just had severe weather in your area, or your roof has hit the age where replacement is needed, here is a list of common signs that point to the fact that it may be time to talk to a professional roofing expert. Missing Shingles Torn Shingles Roofing Material in the Yard or [...]

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    Top Reasons Why Roofers Work In the Winter

    #1 - People are often surprised when I tell them that we install roofs throughout the winter. Isn’t it cold? Isn’t there snow? And ice? My guys’ first priority on every job is their safety and the safety of their fellow crew, homeowners, and pets. And they’re especially cautious when working[...]

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