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  • Winter Indianapolis Roofing Contractor

    February 7, 2017 | Blog | admin1
  • Bargain Hunter’s Paradise

    Just like the most economical time to buy a snow blower is at the end of the winter season, hiring an Indianapolis roofing contractor in the middle-to-late winter months can be a bargain hunter’s paradise. Not only can the consumer get a lower quote because materials are lower and labor workers tend to have less work, time is of the essence too. 

    Many consumers, for various reasons, do not hire roof contractors until after April 1st when the birdies are back singing in the skies, causing homeowners a longer wait time for roof replacement due to a spike in jobs to complete. Some companies quote dates of implementation more than a month later than the consultation. If a roof is replaced in the winter, the only waiting time is for the supplies, which may only take only a day or two. 

    Some homeowners try to extend their roof life as long as possible. However, the less often a roof is checked for shingle replacement, the more expensive the total cost may be. In the winter months, before April 1st in most instances, the roofing company lowers their prices to try to conjure up more business in their economically-weaker months. A consumer who is looking for a deal should book that initial consultation after the December holidays. 

    One last reason for a consumer to have his or her roof replaced in the winter is the thermal sealing that new shingles need to undergo takes several weeks in the summer, and barely a work-week in the winter. This means less of a laboring charge for the winter roof consumer. 

    It is almost Valentine’s Day (you’re welcome fellas) so along with that sparkly piece of jewelry for your loved one, why not set up a bargain of a deal for your roof? It is a win-win.